The need to make shafts parallel to one another, both opposing shafts (coupled) and side-by-side (sheave or pulley) is common in many industries. Proper alignment is essential to prevent wear of couplings, bearings, and ultimately, the motor itself. San Antonio Armature provides the precision alignment of all planes for the most accurate shaft and coupling alignments in the shortest time possible.

Lasers are highly accurate and easy to use in aligning objects. San Antonio Armature’s Optaline Laser Alignment saves time and strengthens the accuracy of correct alignment.

In order to reduce bearing and seal damage, precise laser alignment is used to minimize energy loss, and reduces production downtime on a scheduled basis, creating better efficiency and performance.

The Optaline allows an accurate measurement and stable alignment for any project. It controls the two shafts at the coupling, where power is transmitted. The laser beam transmits a sensitive detector and identifies errors, gaps, and spaces to eliminate.

San Antonio Armature offers quick alignment services. We have continuing support for all electric motors needs from maintenance and repair to prevention.