San Antonio Armature Works recommends load testing to ensure reliability, to validate repairs, to verify performance, to ensure system compatibility between motors and drives, and prior to storage of your critical spare motors.

San Antonio Armature Works’ large motor load testing capabilities are well known in the industry. Precision torque measurements and power input measurements assess your electric motor’s performance. Your load test is managed by Electrical and Mechanical engineers and experienced load testing staff experts.

San Antonio Armature Works’ motor testing equipment and expertise are capable of servicing motors, including:

  • AC: up to 3500 HP
  • DC: up to 1500 HP
  • DC: up to 415 AMP – 600 V Armature
  • AC: 480 V – 4 KV
  • Up to 3500 HP Full Voltage (no load)
  • Winding RTD Monitoring
  • Bearing RTD Monitoring
  • Vibration Probe Monitoring