Baker winding analyzer of A/C electric motors and generator windings displays a accurate picture of the winding and insulation conditions. Tests made can determine good, marginal or defective windings and the winding insulation before a major failure occurs. In many cases actions can be taken to head off these failures, preventing costly delays and repairs. This digital analyzer applies a predetermined voltage and captures a sinusoidal wave form for each phase of the unit under going the test. It also displays winding resistance, megohms, Hi-Pot, polarization index (PI), and surge measurements. All the information is used to make the correct decision on what repairs are needed.

Digital Surge Tests Performed:

  • Resistive¬†Status
  • Resistance to Ground megohm status
  • Polarization Index and Dielectric Absorption
  • Hi-Pot Step Voltage Testing
  • Surge Comparison Testing

The wave form showing a good winding. You will notice how each of the three phases overlap each other. Representing what appears to be only one wave line. Pictured is the windings that are being tested, no faults are present.

If there is a Turn to Turn / Phase to Phase weakness The wave patterns will separate and appear unstable This is an indication of imminent failure. The motor should be serviced immediately. Pictured is a turn to Turn / phase to phase fault.

Ground Faults:If there is weak insulation the wave pattern will indicate the weakness. If a motor with a turn to turn fault short stays in service circulating currents may produce hot spots and the ground wall insulation will eventually burn up causing a shut down. Pictured is a ground fault.